Incentive Programs


Employee Engagement

Your sales reps are at the forefront of your customer communication and their success directly impacts your company's success. The proper incentive program will motivate and support your sales team, as well as encourage and celebrate their success. While money is often used as a bonus and incentive for increasing sales, a select range of products or specific product will often reflect and improve the company culture.


Increasing Customer Sales

A good incentive program can increase profits and keep your customers coming back. Clients and customers are more likely to recommend products and services when they have a good relationship with your company.
Together with our clients, we work to craft engaging programs that help company's retain their client's attention.


Corporate Gifting

BBQ Trading LLC, together with our clients, construct employee recognition programs that retain employees and boost company culture. Rewarding employees through gifting programs can be a good addition to individual employee packages which increase employee loyalty and all around satisfaction.


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