Supply Chain Solutions


Asset Recovery

We work with manufacturers, carriers, distributors and retailers globally to maximize inventory value and distribute inventory. In this fast paced industry, inventory value can drop quickly. With our supply chain solutions we can balance the need to clear out inventory while maintaining product value. Utilizing our sales channels worldwide, BBQ Trading LLC can move your inventory quickly and quietly without disrupting your current sales channels.


Inventory Sourcing

With our extensive network of suppliers, we can source the product you need in the time frame you need and at the most competitive pricing. We are able to handle all your unique requirements and can source products from all major brands and major markets. We specialize in supplying the newest models as well as the discontinued models that your business may need.


Distribution & Logistics

BBQ Trading LLC understands the time sensitivity of your orders. Utilizing our close shipping partners - Fedex, DHL, UPS - we can ensure your product is delivered seamlessly and efficiently. Our trained logistics team together with our customs brokers work to ensure your goods get to your customers with no delays.


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